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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Over the course of a year, I have been able to connect with several talented artist and learned a lot about what it means to be an artist. I decided to write this blog to share some of the information acquired from these passionate and talented individuals with my readers.

Interviewing the beautiful artists that come across my path, it seems that they arrived at becoming an artist and their true selves sometimes by chance and other times by intent.

There are so many different variables to an artist, that just like their art, no two artists are alike. Each arriving at the place that is called creative artist in their own unique way.

I always say that if you put the word impossible in front of a creative artist, they will assuredly add the accent and space, and create “I’m Possible” from it.

Artist Alice Hernandez-Gaona didn’t fully embrace her talents until in her 40’s, however once she did apply paint to canvas, she was able to do extraordinary things. Even though she is no longer with us in body, her legacy of fine art will touch the lives of generations to come. She created a gallery full of beautiful oil paintings before losing her battle with ovarian cancer. Creative Artist Magazine created an electronic press kit of Alice's work. Click here to check out Alice's beautiful work and read her touching story as told by her beloved husband Phil.

I am always fascinated when I hear how artist start out from emptiness and transform that space into something meaningful and magnificent.

Likewise, artist will find hidden overlooked or unnoticed treasures and breathe new life into them so that their beauty can be seen by others. Iconic music store owner Kelvin Anderson Sr turned the back room of his famed record store VIP Records Long Beach into a recording studio. This became a place where unheard or independent labeled artist, could have a place to have their voice heard. Watch our interview with Kelvin on our YouTube channel to learn more.

Is the word selfish a bad thing? Not if you’re an artist. Street artist David Zinn, said he is a selfish artist, in that he creates his art for his own happiness. This is true of most

independent artist, including myself. However, by the definition of being an artist is to create and by creating you affect and touch other people’s lives whether intentionally or unintentional.

David describe his style of art as a creative expression that is an ephemeral parabolic anamorphosis. He went on to define each word stating that ephemeral is the art he makes that is self-destructive and is washed away by the rain. In other words, it’s not permanent. David said he owns variation to the word parabolic and called it paradolia, which he said was a universal brain phenomenon that allow people to see clouds as shapes like bunny rabbits. To put the finishing touch on his art style he added the word anamorphosis, which he described as a technical term for drawings that look 3 dimensional from a specific perspective. David is a Ann Arbor, Michigan street artist who doesn’t like to think that what he makes is art and is horrified at describing himself as an artist. David says that when he sits down and says, “I am now going to make art”, he is immediately paralyzed, and nothing happens. David said, trying to make art is the worse way for him to make art. Instead he says his work is suggested by the cracks and specs he sees along his walks. he loves the fact that his art is temporary, and this is a big part of why it works for him. David said it would sadden him to see one of his creatures sitting in the same place day after day, week after week and so on. Preferring to think that they are here one day and off the next day doing something else and he likes that they come and go

Other artist that find unique ways of giving new life to things is wire artist Karapet Kouyoumjan who search through motors of thrown out appliances to find wire and create some of the most creative figurines from them. Giving a whole new meaning to the term, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”.

When he’s done creating his art, it becomes everyone’s treasure. Creative artist Cary Heaverlo, couldn’t stop creating after semi-retiring in Loreto / Napolo BCS (Baja California Sur) Mexico. It seems that even in the nuisance of the date palm nuts that fell to the ground, which annoyed the locals, Cary found a way to create art as she started making flowers out of them.

There is a joy that comes with being a creative artist, but like most artist will tell you, there is also a darkness that allows for the brilliant light to shine forth. As an artist myself I believe that it is necessary to release your inner madness to be able to do good with it. Artist Matthew O’Connor whose art style is born from graffiti, creates art that holds multiple layers. Layers that must be peeled back to find the meaning and feelings he is articulating in his multi technique style of graffiti art.

All of the artist mentioned in this blog post are currently featured in our printed Winter 2020 issue, to purchase your copy, please visit us at


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