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The giving heart of an artist is where the idea of Creative Artist Magazine was born. Like many of the artist I interview, we enjoy giving back. It is this gift that we keep the connected chain of helping to inspire, encourage and support one another through the amazing world of art. Many artist also experience feelings of isolation or depression and it is through art that they learn to make connections with others. The world is a canvas waiting for artists to create their beautiful masterpieces. Whether through painting, sculpting, music, dance or performing for the audience of the world to feel the depth of a pure giving heart by sharing their art.

Edens Spring

Shannon Taggart, who was featured in our Winter 2020 issue and during our interview she revealed that she was doing live art at a gallery when she created “Eden Spring.” And had conversations with several people. Shannon said that within 2 hours she had this amazing image and that was something she had never experienced before. She said it took on a life of its own as people stopped by asking questions; many of them helping to shape it with their input.

This is also true of previously featured (Spring 2019) artist Mego Street Art who said that she enjoys the rush of creating her art in front of a live audience. This is in fact how I met her at the LA Art Show. She created her intense style of writing on my bag right there on the spot which gave both the artist and the recipient a rush of being in the moment and having this awesome creation happening at the same time.

Klas-James Enos, photo credit: Drew Levin

As artists it is important to make connections to your audience as this can often times be your muse, where you can derive even more levels of creativity. I recently spoke to New York City artist Klay-James Enos who is featured in our Summer 2021 issue and he really enjoys getting out of the studios and paint on site in different locations. He said this has broadened his audience significantly by making connections with people with inquisitive children to art collectors in these settings.

Many artists have a purity of heart and this is also where much of their creativity is born…in the heart. For this reason I have found many artists volunteer or create their art with others in mind. This is yet another art form of being a creative artist and is the art of giving selflessly.

“Yellowstone” was a painting Shannon created thinking mostly of what the world might look


like during covid from an aerial perspective. She said her heart went out to the men and women on the International Space Station. Filling up with emotions, she wondered how they might feel being so far away from their loved ones. She even sent them a hashtag to the Space Station.

Artist, Farah Khan

Likewise Artist Farah Khan revealed to me during our interview that she volunteers for a non-profit in Los Angeles that benefit and help homeless situation there. Her part in the company is to write an application for the youth and the elderly to be able to find housing by matching them with a host home. These are the heart of the evolved creative artists who embrace the purity of heart with real gratitude.

Lots of artist will get commissions for their art and sometime find that the recipient reason for the art far out way any cost. Feeling that the value is in the heart.

Jayson Storm (r)

Featured artist Jayson Storm shared a story with me during our interview for the Summer 2021 issue. He was commissioned to do one of his paintings that included several action heroes for a dad for his son. After hearing the story behind the reason for the commissioned artwork, Jayson made the decision to give it to the dad as a gift to his son.

Art saves lives in more ways than one. Shannon’s picture entitled the Big Wave is especially fascinating to me because she is terribly afraid of the ocean and won’t venture more than ankle deep. Ironically she said that the process of drawing waves fascinate her and this can help artists remove many things that either cause pain or things they may be afraid of.

The beautiful masterpieces created by Thais Coelho-Plokamakis are so exquisite in design that when she openly shared that her art was a saving grace in her life during a tough time. Adding that her art is what pulled her through and now allows her to be this dynamic powerhouse that gives back to other artists. Thais and her husband fellow artist Sophocles Plokamakis are the Co-Founders/Curators of Start Shows NYC, for which Creative Artist Magazine is a proud sponsor. Start Shows produces art exhibitions for emerging artists by giving them the opportunity of showing their art in a real New York City gallery. Many of the exhibitions are at One Art Space in Tribeca, NYC. Check their website for more information on upcoming exhibitions. Start Shows also offer coaching for creatives who want to become full time artists and take their careers to the next level.

Many artist use art as a way of releasing trauma, fear and pain that they suffer from or was exposed to. Ironically, it is in releasing their darkness into a work of art that they bring light into their lives. The audience sees pure beauty in the final work and thus turning darkness into light. It is important for artists to embrace this light and evolve into true masters of their craft. Often times artist stay in the dark, many completely unaware of it. Feeling insecure about themselves and critiquing themselves based on the works of other artists. This breeds envy and jealousy, which spirals them down an even darker path. The brilliance inside of an artist is seeking true balance and this is when they reach the plateau of being able to understand they are a gift to others and accept this as an inward emotion of self love. When this is done the whole world benefits. Alternatively, when they experience self hate this hurts others and limit the help that can be given to heal a generation in need of it. In my editorial, I wrote that artists are the superhero of the world. Where there are superheroes there are super villains waiting and watching to dim out the light. We have all seen the tragic end results of these artists.

Creative Artist Magazine feature artists to help inspire, empower and motivate artists to continue sharing by offering them multiple page spreads, personal interview with a written article, many for the first time. We hope to keep the light shining for the artists of the world through this medium both in person, online and in print.

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