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Graffiti & Style Writing Artist King Cre8

Legendary Los Angeles Style Writer King Cre8
Legendary Los Angeles Style Writer King Cre8

Eric Walker who is also know as, King Cre8, is a California native, who was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. He describes himself as a well-rounded artist, however he is widely known for his “style writing” art form, aka “urban hieroglyphics”.

I asked King Cre8 how he was able to create a legitimate name for himself in this style of art. He said that early in his life, he had good mentors who detoured him from much of the illegal walls. One such mentor was an artist named Rish, who was a local artist in the neighborhood. King Cre8 said that Rish showed him that there were ways to make money using style writing at local auto shop and other businesses by painting their business names.

At just 15 years old King Cre8 took this knowledge and proceeded to make himself some business cards and some small flyers. He joked that he made them by hand, as he didn’t have Photoshop or a computer back then. We both got a chuckle at the thought of life before many of the things we have today.

Young King Cre8
Young Cre8

As King Cre8 continued to share his story, he reminds me that he was very shy, and that going from business to business was no easy task. Yet there he was, walking throughout the community talking to business owners about his new service and passing out flyers. He said that there were a lot of no’s, looking back he realize that it was partially because, not many people understood the art form of style writing at that time. Finally, after an exhausting trail of no’s behind him, one business owner said yes! I was hanging on to his story as this brave young man went about his neighborhood, trying to build his little business and finding nothing but defeat. When he finally found a business that said yes, I just about dropped the phone with excitement. I wanted to know all the details of this business that gave him the chance to finally do his work with pride.

Burger Shop on Crenshaw in the late 1980's painted by 15 year old graffiti style writer King Cre8
Burger Shop on Crenshaw in the late 1980's painted by 15 year old King Cre8

King Cre8 said it was a burger stand off Crenshaw Blvd. The owner commissioned him to do a mural that simply said, “Burgers”. Beaming with pride as he made $100 for 2-days of work. At that moment we both enjoyed a moment of pride. I asked him if the burger stand was still there and he said no. Sadly it was burned down four years later during the L.A. riots.

At 15 King Cre8 was on his way painting this for a local auto shop in Los Angeles CA in the late 1980's
At 15 King Cre8 was on his way painting this for a local auto shop in Los Angeles CA

After the success of the burger stand mural, another opportunity came, when he approached an auto shop, he refers to as DJ Auto near the L.A Sport Arena area, who had been plagued by taggers and was facing fines by the City if they didn’t clean it up. King Cre8, said his timing was the factor when he presented them with his pitch. Two days later King Cre8 got the call from them that they would give him a chance to see what he could do. King Cre8 proceeded to draw the company’s name and upon completion the owners gave him $200. There he was establishing himself in the neighborhood as an artist at just 15 years old. This continued for him and after graduating Crenshaw High school, he attended and completed a 2 1⁄2 year commercial art program at Trade Tech College.

As I sat listening to the many accomplishments that this young man with a vision to create his style of art that started with a single yes in a sea of no’s, I was inspired by his determination. That determination continues today. With a trail of star-studded accolades to brag about. King Cre8 told me about working with his friend PJay on Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas show. The dancers clothing had the collaboration work as well as being the backdrop for the stage. Additionally you can see King Cre8’s art work in videos by Lil’ Bow Wow and also the singer Mya. On one very special occasion King Cre8 did his live art at an event with famed record producer Battlecat. With pride in his voice he said that Battlecat purchased his artwork that day.

He was also featured in a McDonald’s commercial for which he didn’t realize he would personally be in the commercial, but as destiny would have it, he ended up acting out his part as an artist. McDonald’s featured this on television, several major magazines and the Internet! In fact, he had another opportunity to do a mural for McDonald’s, this time as an art assistant.

This talented artist story just kept on giving as he shared that he was honored to work with General Motors 3 years in a row doing live art at events they held. He’s shared the stage and have had his work featured on movie sets, music videos and commercials. King Cre8 was honor to do live art on stage with one of my all-time favorite rap artists to this day, the legendary KRS-1. In fact, he has worked with him several times doing his live art.

Most people from the Los Angeles area are familiar with the now famous mural wall on Crenshaw Blvd., just pass Leimert Park. It has been a local spot for car shows and other weekend activities, as well as being featured in several movies. King Cre8 help shape his community with a beautiful collaborative mural on the famous Crenshaw wall, for which he is very proud to have been able to take part in.

King Cre8 said his art has made it possible for him to travel and experience some truly memorable moments in life. He feels blessed to share what he loves doing with others and each year holds Summer Paint Out at Five Points Youth Foundation in Los Angeles California. I was honored to attend this year and share in the joy of seeing him make a connection with fellow Creative Artist Magazine artist, Mego Street Art by inviting her to take part at this summer’s event. @mego_streetart was also the cover girl on our Spring 2020 issue.

I always encourage artist to share in each others journey and help support each other by following other featured artists. This allows for some lasting connections between artists that can often times lead to collaborations and new opportunities. It is with delight that I noticed several artists both new and from previous issues following each other on social media and offering their support.

This is sharing the beautiful world of art!

King Cre8 & Mego at Summer Paint Out 2020 in Los Angeles  California at Five Point Youth Foundation
King Cre8 & Mego at Summer Paint Out 2020 in Los Angeles California at Five Point Youth Foundation

Special connections like Spring 2020 artist King Cre8 inviting Mego Street Art to his event for Graffiti artist and giving her a space to create her unique style of art.

King Cre8’s event was a huge success and we were honored to take part in it.

Thank you King Cre8 & Hunny Dip 13.

Check out this video. King Cre8 & Hunny Dip did some on-site style writing exclusively for Creative Artist Magazine at Five Point Youth Foundation in Los Angeles California and look for our upcoming video of this event.


The Summer Paint Out 2020 was a huge success with famed DJ Silky D (IG:@1suchqueen)

Famed Dj SilkyD and Creative Artist Magazine editor Pauline Samuels at Summer Paint Out 2020 in Los Angeles California
Famed DJ Silky D and Pauline Samuels

spinning the turntables and kept the music jamming. This only added to the overall energy of having some of the most talented graffiti and street artist in one location. Watch for our upcoming video of this event. Here is a list of the artist that participated in this years Paint Out: KING CRE8, TRIXTER, ASIA ONE, LADIE, TEAL, MARKSKI, REX 2, AUX, AONE47,VOX, MECCA, MASK,RODER, MARK7, STROE, IRIE, KAOS, AXIS, TEXTER, SHIVER, DAZER, DIGIRAL, NOTIK, EARN, ERA, MIDZT, EZRA, MEGO, SGP, IZZY, ZONE, GABE 88, GREEN, FRAME, JOE X2.


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