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Pauline Samuels

Magazine Editor & Business Owner

Pauline Samuels is the founder and editor in chief of Creative Artist Magazine. She has over 27 years of experience in Marketing and Finance. She lends her many years of experience working in Corporate America as an Executive Assistant, Reconciliation Analyst, Webmaster, Graphic Artist and owner of Cognition-Designs Digital Art Solutions to create the dynamic magazine  dedicated to the arts and her love of art and those that create it. She lives in Southern California and is the mother of four beautiful children that are all grown.  She believes that through art we can have a better understanding of the world we live in,  with songs, music, photography, drawings, paintings, and writings.   



Creative Artist Magazine

The artists featured in Creative Artist Magazine will take you on a multi layered complex journey that is filled with creativity, soulful surrender, perfect chaos and brilliant stories. 


We provide over 12 artists in each issue with a place to have their art and stories told in print twice a year (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter).


Creating a place for artist and art lover to connect and engage on a personal level is our mission. Sharing intimate stories, complex techniques and the motives and reason they create their art, helps add value to the creative world of what is means to be an artists.


Our magazine is a printed gallery of art and an intimate invitation to learn more about the talented individuals that create a powerful and passionate brilliance of mind, body and soul.

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Magazine Schedule


Spring/Summer Issue


First Week in June



Aug 1 - Sep 15


Fall/Winter Issue


First Week in December



Mar 1 - Apr 15