Artwork by: Mego Street Art

Spring Issue 2020

Letter from the Editor

Pauline Samuels, Editor in Chief

Hometown advantage in art is the topic of my editorial.  Giving artist the advantage in the town or city they call home first can do wonders for that artist future.  One golden opportunity can be the life changing catalyst that gives an artist a positive direction in life. The best way to detour a skateboarder from sliding down city building structures, is not adding metal or concrete knots along a surface, it would be to build a skate park. Your town may have the next Tony Hawk.  Likewise, many graffiti artist do illegal walls because they have a burning desire to create art on something other than a canvas.  The answer is not to categorize them as juvenile delinquents and jail them, but rather create programs to nurture these talented artists.  Better yet, hire them to create business walls of art.  Hire them in a city beautification project.  Businesses can benefit from this too by hiring them to create murals or lettering.  Educate them instead of jailing young artist. 

Artist like King Cre8 and Mego both experienced a moment that forever changed their lives for the better.  King Cre8 was 15 years old and was surrounded by tagging and graffiti.  With a good mentor in a man named Rish, he learned that he could write the names of businesses as a job. He has since gone on to do his style writing for huge corporations and celebrities. 

Professional artist Bert Esenherz wanted to walk across America to bring awareness to small towns about supporting local artist first.  He said each year artist leave the comforts of their small towns in search of fame.  Yet only a very small percentage make it.  Feeling that if they could have been embraced locally and were allowed to grow and build a reputation locally first, the transition to the big city would be easier.

Stigmatizing artist as not being a worthy craft is one of the saddest things I’ve witnessed.  When in fact, we all derive so much from artists.  When we need entertainment, want to read a good book, watch a movie, visit art galleries, see live performances, indulge in the newest fashion we turn to artist.  They are the creators of our feelings when we need to escape or need something to cause us to experience things that stimulate the mind beyond our day to day lives. 

As a society we seem to prefer punishment over compassion and understanding.  correctional institutions make millions, and so can the next big artist.  In fact, the artist can inspire the next generation with positive change, whereas the correctional institutions only seem to perpetuate more negativity into our society.  It’s time to try injecting some positive changes into our world full of so much negativity that is obviously not working.  Let’s introduce a positive change and create a legacy that the next generation can build from.

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