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Planet and Moon


Sharing the beautiful world of art

Creative Artist Magazine Inc.


About Our Founder

Pauline Samuels is the founder, President & Chair of Creative Artist Magazine Inc. She has over 3 decades of experience in Marketing and Business Administration. She lends her many years of experience working as an Executive Assistant, Reconciliation Analyst, Webmaster, Graphic Artist, Licensed Realtor and Partner in other business enterprises to create the dynamic magazine  dedicated to the arts and her love of art and those that create it. She lives in the Southern California and believes that through art we can have a better understanding of the world we live in,  with songs, music, photography, drawings, paintings, and writings.   

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The Journey Of The Artist...

The road of an artist has many twists and turns that ultimately have them arriving at, and accepting they are truly a uniquely gifted artist. That place where they finally say, I am a creative artist, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.  This statement was echoed by photographer Larry Leventhal during our interview.  


Creative Artist Magazine Inc. features these passionate artist that live by a code of coming from a place of originality, which simply means that they are telling their truth through their art.  Although sometimes similar, no one can duplicate the passion that drives an artist to create in this realm of their truth to self.  This outward expression of what was once created selfishly can now be viewed by others as a ray of hope and give inspiration.


Finding out and coming to term with the fact that you’re born to be one of the elite few who can paint, draw, sculpt, act, dance, sing, write or even make people laugh is and extraordinary moment in a creative artists life.  They usually walk around unaware of just how unique they are.  Artists sometimes suffer from depression and feel isolated.  Many find solace in the company and environment of other artists.  This is good, but also where they miss out on seeing they have super powers.  The super powers to invent and create amazing things that fascinate the rest of the world. I talk to people daily about art and the majority of them are not artists and marvel at what artists can do with the stroke of a brush.  Staying grounded in the world where your audience live is an artists ally. This was a stance that artist Klay-James Enos, Mego Street Art, Jason Osiris and Valentin Salazar has taken by putting themselves in the midst of an ever changing audience with their live art. To the artist of the World; We are all gifted and talented in various ways, however there are literally millions of people who simply do not possess your skill set.  They are your fans and collectors.  

Trust in your unique super powers and paint the world with all the colors of you!

We are on an exploration of mind, body and spirit.  That’s what it means to be a creative artist, we are dedicated to sharing the journey of the incredible super heroes that are called to do art.  It is our goal to help bridge the gap of what we see, with what is felt through the process that art is created.

When we started Creative Artist magazine Inc. over 5 years ago, there wasn't many people interviewing artists unless they were famous.  We saw a need to share the stories of all artists that possess passion and skills for their craft.  I am happy to say that now I see lots of opportunities available for artists no matter of fame.  It is a new day for the artists of the world and we like it.

We have interviewed hundreds of artists for Creative Artist Magazine Inc. over the past 5 years and found all of them to be quite remarkable.  Some have remained close and others are no longer to be found and still the truth is I love them all and find a special beauty in them.  This love is what keeps me going as a champion for the arts and the artists that create it.

We look forward to sharing the beautiful world of art with you through our new endeavors. 


Many Blessings,


Pauline Samuels, CEO/Chair


I'm always looking for new, exciting and talented artist too feature. Let's connect.

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