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Art has giving each of us something to feel good about at some point in our life, whether through a song, a play, a painting or sculpture.  Art is a giver and artist answer the calling to provide these feelings. 

Creative Artist Magazine is determined to continue to provide us with good things that encourage and inspire us all in our lives through the medium of art. 





Pauline Samuels at Creative Artist Magazine was able to capture my late wife's passion with her work as a still life artist.  I was captivated by Pauline's energy, attention to detail and truly understanding in a very short time my wife's work.  I am excited to continue to work on my wife's legacy so that her work can be remembered and treasured.  Pauline has made this possible with her dynamic talent to keep an Artist memory alive. 

Thank you Pauline!

Rob Cisnero

This is great!

It (Creative Artist Magazine) shows your passion for the arts and how hard everybody (artists) works.

Greg Mack

I totally enjoy "Creative Artist Magazine".

Keep up the good work.

Dr. Mark Tonti

Beautiful finish, very well done and well written. Great job Pauline.

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